Our values are: Collaboration for Excellence; Appreciation with Insight; Respect for Understanding; and Empathy for all –C.A.R.E. ¬†DLC offers inspiring and experienced leaders with opportunities to benefit from qualified and seasoned trainers, scholars, and business professionals who share and discuss research and best practices regarding obtaining excellence through diversity.

DLC is designed for individuals interested in gaining access to networks, mentors, and sponsors that have traditionally not been available to diverse members of the broader community. Enrollees will be exposed to topics such as: Understanding and Embracing Diversity, Organizational Culture and Structural Reform, Racial and Gender Intelligence, Social Justice and Equality, Networking and Mentoring, Politics, Heroes and Holidays, Critical Thinking and Self-Affirmation and Living the CARE Values.

Individuals and companies are making sincere efforts in verbalizing a commitment to diversity excellence. However, we must be trained to build the next generation of leaders who have the skill sets, tools and commitment to execute.